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Library Services

Library Services

  1. Reference Service:  Will provide books to refer inside the library. One copy of all the titles has kept for reference. Apart from that we have good collection of reference books like Encyclopedia Britannica, dictionaries, Hand Books, and some standard technical titles.
  2. Circulation Service: Will provide books for issue, guide users to select suitable books, take steps for proper circulation of books, monitoring of overdue books and alerting users about over dues, taking reservation entries and follow-up with borrowers to take back the books in-time and provide it to reserved users etc.
  3. New Arrivals Service: As soon as new books and other resources are received to the library, Information will be Send to departments and will be displayed on library notice board.

  4. Question Paper Services: VTU Question papers from the year 2018 to till date are maintained subject wise in multiple copies and will be provided to users to take photocopies.

  5. SC/ST Book Bank: We have about 152 books in SC/ST book bank scheme. SC/ST students are entitled to borrow 2 additional books from book bank.

  6. News Paper Clippings Service: Important and relevant information published in dailies will be displayed on notice board regularly.

  7. Digital Library Services: Separate digital library section with useful digital content and 20 Computer systems and. Also online digital library by name Knimbus Digital Library Can be accessed anywhere and any-time.