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User Guidelines

Membership: Library membership is compulsory for all users in order to use the library. Fill-in library membership application, attach 2 recent stamp size photos and submit to library for membership.


All Students

4  Books


5 Books (3 General + 2 Book Bank)


6  Books


3 Books
  • Duration of loan: Library books are issued for a period of 15 days. However, the librarian reserves the right to ask the borrower to return the library documents before the due date during specific times. In such cases users must return the borrowed documents immediately.
  • Renewal of borrowed books: Users shall renew the books after the due date only if books are not on demand by others.
  • Reservation of library books: If the book required is under circulation, users can reserve the book in the reservation register, mail will be sent to the users mail Id from library. When the book is received back; than the user can borrow the book. 
  • Overdue Charges: A penalty of Rs.5/-per day per book will be levied for books returned after the due date in order to get books in time and make them available for other users.( Receiving  Online Payment Only).
  • Loss of Library Books: In case any user lost the borrowed library books: he/she should bring it to the notice of the librarian immediately in writing.
  • Care for library materials:
    Library resources are costly and often rare in nature. They are for the benefit of not only present users but also for the future users. Therefore the users must take absolute care of the borrowed documents. The books should be returned intact.