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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Foundry and Forging Laboratory aims to;

1. Provide an insight into different sand preparation and foundry equipment.
2. Provide an insight into different forging tools and equipment and arc welding tools and equipment.
3. Provide training to students to enhance their practical skills in welding, forging and hand moulding.
4. Practically demonstrate precautions to be taken during casting, hot working and welding operations.

Major Equipment: Universal Sand Testing Machine, Permeability Tester, Moisture Content Tester, Mould Hardness Tester, Core Hardness Tester, Sand Rammer, Muffle Furnace, Green Sand, Sand Baker, Sand Miller (5kg capacity)


The Materials Testing Laboratory aims to;

1. Teach the concept of the preparation of samples to perform characterization such as microstructure, Volume fraction of phases and grain size.
2. Teach mechanical behavior of various engineering materials by conducting standard tests.
3. Teach material failure modes and the different loads causing failure.
4. Teach & demonstrate the concepts of improving the mechanical properties of materials by different methods like Heat treatment, surface treatment etc.

Major Equipment: Torsion Testing Machine with Bending attachments, Izod And Charpy Test (Impact Testing Machine) with attachments, Brinell/ Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine with Standard attachments, Vickers Hardness Test Machine with standard attachments, Double Disc Polishing Machine with DC Motor, Metallurgical Specimen, Muffle Furnace (6x6x12)


The Workshop aims to;

1. Provide skills about the use of fitting tools to perform fitting operations.
2. Train into fitting operations to enrich their practical skills. Inculcate team qualities and expose students to shop floor activities.
3. Educate students about ethical, environmental and safety standards.

Major Equipment: Power Hack saw Machine, AC Arc Welder Winner, Bench Grinder 8″, Bench Vice 6″ Smith Make, Bench Vice 6″,Anvil 50 kg, Angle Plate 4″, V-Block 4″


The Heat Transfer Laboratory aims to;

1. Primarily provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to understand the behavior of thermal systems.
2. Provide a detailed experimental analysis, including the application and heat transfer through solids, fluids, and vacuum.
3. Teach Convection, conduction, and radiation heat transfer in one and two dimensional steady and unsteady systems.

Major Equipment: Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod, Composite Walls, Pin Fin Apparatus, Natural Free Convection Forced Convection (Flow Through Pipes), Emissivity of Surface, Stefan-Boltzmann Constant, Parallel Flow & Counter Flow, Boiling of Liquid & Condensation of Vapour, Refrigeration, Transient Heat Conduction


The Computer Aided Drafting, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Laboratory aims to;

1. Train the students in computer aided mechanical drafting, modeling, analysis and simulations, using industry grade software like Solid Edge, Ansys and Vero Edgecam.
2. Provide practical exposure to the students in the concepts like, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD & T), analysis of mechanical, thermal stresses & strains on machine components, CNC coding, and simulating the machining of various mechanical components within the software environment with different variables.

Major Equipment: Computer Desktop (15 No.s) Intel Core i5 4440/8GB Transcend DDR3 RAM/1TB Seagate Hard Disk/Cabinet/SMPS/Dell LED 21.5” 2240L Monitor
2) Computer Desktop (15 No.s) Make: HP, Model: Pro G1 MT/8GB DDR4 RAM/1TB HDD SATA 7200RPM/18.5” Monitor/USB Keyboard/USB Mouse/DOS/3 Years Warranty
3) Software Details: Vero Edgecam Software Educational Keyless Network License 2018 R1 (20 No.s) Solid Edge ST-6 Academic Perpetual-License (60 No.s) ANSYS Academic Teaching Mechanical Version 18.0 (25 No.s)


The Machine Shop aims to;

1. Provide an insight to different machine tools, accessories and attachments.
2. Train into machining operations to enrich their practical skills.
3. Inculcate team qualities and expose students to shop floor activities.
4. Educate students about ethical, environmental and safety standards.

Major Equipment: Lathe Machine (10 No.s), Universal Horizontal Milling Machine, Shaper Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Bench Grinder, Power Hacksaw Machine

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