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Department of Information Science & Engineering

Research and Consultancy


Sl No Year Journal Publications
01 2018-19 Prof John Bruno, “Effectiveness of training in the industry” IJRAR , ISBN/ISSN/DOI no. 2348-1269, published in 2019
02 2017-18 Sharadha S., “Understanding the Dynamics of Formal Mentoring Program: A model for Effective Implementation”, International Journal in Management and Social Sciences, Vol-5, Issue-1, ISBN/ISSN/DOI no. 2249- 0191, Page No. 309-324, published in 2017
03 2017-18 Sharadha S., “Understanding Mentoring Needs of Millennials in IT Sector”, Global Journal for Research Analysis, Vol-6, Issue- 4 54-55, ISBN/ISSN/DOI no. 2277-8160, Page No. 54-55, published in 2017


Sl No Year Conference Publications
1 2020-21 Prof. John Bruno presented a paper titled, “Pathways to Crossroads and challenges in formulating institutional employability platforms for rural graduates in the post Covid era” in 2021 at NCRAEM 2021, AIeMS.
2 2020-21 Dr. Sharadha S presented a paper titled, “Hr Policy Making and Challenges Faced During Implementation” in 2021 at NCRAEM 2021, AIeMS.
3 2020-21 Dr. Sharadha S presented a paper titled, “Study on Employee UpSkilling” in 2021 at NCRAEM 2021, AIeMS.
4 2018-19 Prof Vidyadhara, presented a paper titled “An Analytical Study on Investment Opportunities in Ethno – Medicine with Special Reference to Indian Context Topic of the Paper”, 7th International Conference on Healthcare Technology and Management, Page No. 99, in 2019
5 2018-19 Prof Vidyadhara & Ms. Supriya H N, presented a paper titled “A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK ON GREEN MARKETING”, National Conference on Technology and Management in 2019
6 2018-19 Prof Neelam R Patil, presented a paper titled “A study on Working capital management” in March 2019 at NCRAEM-19, AIeMS.

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